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The Next Chapter. The New Emeritus Research.

20 December 2017

Over the course of 2017, Emeritus Research has seen some big changes. From new management and the establishment of a Board of Directors, to the implementation of advanced IT platforms, refined clinical research processes and the addition of new staff to affirm the breadth and depth of our clinical research expertise, the changes enhance our commitment to Deliver Merit in Clinical Research in an innovative, collaborative and harmonious way.

The ongoing loyalty of our clients and the confidence clinical trial patients have had in our team since our inception almost two decades ago, has driven these changes. We have engaged in over 280 clinical trials, hit recruitment targets in close to 95% of completed studies and provided high-quality data to support many local clinical development milestones. We want to build on this track record, which makes our next major organisational change both necessary and appropriate – a move to bigger and better facility.

Our new facility will allow us to deliver the very best care to our patients and ensure the highest of scientific integrity in clinical trials in a designed-for-purpose environment. The new centre will be located at:

Emeritus Research

Level 2

1180 Toorak Road

Camberwell VIC 3124 Australia

Our telephone and fax numbers, staff emails, social media handles and website will remain the same and will be fully operational before, during and after the move. The relocation should be complete by 12th January 2018 and our first patients will be seen in Camberwell from the 15th. At this stage we do not foresee any major delays in service during our relocation.

We are extremely excited about our new clinical research centre and look forward to welcoming you to our new location!