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What does participation involve?

What is a Clinical Trial?

A Clinical Trial is a type of research that tests new, or existing, medical treatments to determine if they are of any benefit.  Every medication that is on the market today has gone through a clinical trial.

What to expect when participating in a Clinical Trial

  • A thorough screening process to determine eligibility
  • Multiple visits to monitor your health & safety
  • Blood tests and other pathology specimen collections
  • Procedures to monitor your progress, such as: ECGs, X-Rays, Physical examinations, joint counts and skin assessments (study dependant)
  • Surveys to be completed to tell us how you are feeling
  • Professional and caring staff to support you throughout your trial duration
  • Positive experiences
  • Personal satisfaction for contributing to a possible medical advancement

Your safety is paramount 

Drug Development is highly regulated

  • Internal review boards or ethics committees
  • Ensure ethical conduct of clinical trials
  • Ensure the benefits outweigh the risks

Data Safety Monitoring Committees

  • Made up of experts on the condition related to the trial
  • Supervise the trials
  • Perform periodic reviews of trial results to determine if the trial should continue

Informed Consent Process

  • Learn what to expect as a participant
  • Learn possible side effects and other risks
  • Have your questions answered

More Frequent Health Care Reviews

Your right to withdraw at any time

The thought of joining a Clinical Trial can be daunting. Let our professional and friendly team guide you through the process. Without volunteers, like you, we would not be able to facilitate the development of new therapies to alleviate the, sometimes debilitating, symptoms of medical conditions affecting many throughout the world.

Benefits of enroling in a Clinical Trial

  • Gain access to leading specialists and experienced investigators conducting our trials
  • Medications and clinic reviews at no cost
  • Receive payment for your travel costs and donated time
  • Work with a dedicated clinical research team
  • Make an impact on medicinal advancements

Phases of a Clinical Trial

Phase I

Test a new drug for the
first time in a small group
of people

Phase II

Study the drug in a larger group of people to assess the safety and to determine
a suitable dose

Phase III

Compare the drug to other standard drugs in large groups of people to determine inferiority or superiority

Phase IV

Search for other diseases
the drug can be used for
and monitor longterm
benefits and risks


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