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About this Policy

Thank you for visiting www.emeritusresearch.com, a web-based service managed by Emeritus Research Pty Ltd (“Emeritus Research”).

This policy sets out how Emeritus Research collects, uses and discloses your personal information (which includes sensitive information and your health information).

What Personal Information Is Collected

Emeritus Research collects personal information that it considers necessary to provide its range of services.

Personal Information collected by Emeritus Research may include:

  • Name and contact details
  • Reason for contacting Emeritus Research
  • Date of birth, address and gender
  • Medical information including medical history, medications, notes, allergies, adverse events, immunisations, ethnic, social and family history, risk factors, physiological measurements together with clinical trial specific notes and related information.
  • Your referring Health Service Practitioner, if applicable.
  • Potential services and/or services provided to you.
  • Records of communications with Emeritus Research

Other personal information including bank account details may be collected in order to enable your agreed expenses to be reimbursed.

How Is Personal Information Collected

Emeritus Research may collect personal information from you when you:

  • Visit the Emeritus Research website, send an email or SMS, telephone or communicate with Emeritus Research using social media.
  • Sign a consent form before taking part in a clinical trial.
  • Participate in a Clinical Trial and/or;
  • Express and interest in using or use Emeritus Research Services.

In some circumstances, personal information about you may also be collected from other sources. This may include information from:

  • Any person responsible for any part of a Clinical trial in which you participate.
  • Your guardian or responsible person.
  • Your Health Service Practitioner and other healthcare providers.
  • Persons identified or described under the heading “With Whom is Your Personal Information Shared”.

How Is Personal Information Used

By providing your personal information, you agree that it may be used for the following purposes

  • In-connection with your recruitment and participation in current or future clinical trials.
  • To keep a history of your participation in a clinical trial.
  • To enable Emeritus Research to offer you participation in future clinical trials.
  • Manage the services provided to you including re-imbursement of agreed expenses.
  • To research, develop and improve Emeritus Research services, business operations and processes.
  • To conduct surveys to determine your satisfaction.
  • To promote Emeritus Research services, capabilities and therapeutic areas of interest.
  • For business related activities, such as audits, accreditations, training and to comply with Emeritus Research legal obligations.

With Whom is Your Personal Information Shared

Emeritus Research sometimes shares personal information with the following individuals and organisations:

  • With third parties who work with Emeritus Research to conduct a clinical trial, such as investigators, external laboratories and data monitoring companies. These third parties are required to comply with this policy and relevant laws.
  • Health care providers.
  • Emeritus Research staff and related bodies corporate.
  • Outsourced service providers who assist Emeritus Research to provide services and are required to comply with this policy and relevant laws including:
    o information technology providers; and
    o professional advisers.
  • Organisations involved in a sale/transfer of Emeritus Research assets, business or shares.
  • Government and regulatory authorities as required by law.
    Only people that need to access your personal information will be able to do so. Other than as set out in this policy, Emeritus Research will not share your personal information with any third party without your consent. Where practicable, before personal information is provided to a third party it will be de-identified so as to no longer be capable of identifying you.
    Emeritus Research will not share your personal information stored physically with anyone outside Australia (unless under exceptional circumstances that are permitted by law) without your consent. Personal Information may be stored on servers located outside Australia.

How Is Your Personal Information Stored and Protected

Your personal information may be stored in physical and electronic form. Emeritus Research uses its best endeavors to ensure personal information is stored securely by Emeritus Research or its outsourced services providers and protected from unauthorised access.

Some of the ways Emeritus Research does this include:

  • Requiring our staff and outsourced service providers to maintain confidentiality.
  • Implementing physical and electronic document storage security including security measures for access to Emeritus Research computer systems.

Please note, is not possible to guarantee that data transmission over the internet or via email, either to or from Emeritus Research, will be completely secure.

How To Access Your Personal Information

You generally have a right to access and correct your personal information. If you wish to access your personal information or believe any information is incorrect or requires updating, please click on the “contact us” link at the bottom of this page. Please remember to provide as much detail as you can as this will help Emeritus Research to find the information.

What If You Don’t Provide Personal Information

When you visit Emeritus Research website, you can elect to remain anonymous. You are not required to disclose your name or any personal information that could be used to reasonably ascertain your identity.

Should you wish to register your interest in participating in current or future clinical trials, or if you would like to understand more about Emeritus Research service offering or potential opportunities for collaboration, only the personal information that you voluntarily provide to facilitate this will be collected.

Please be aware that if you choose not to provide personal information, you may not be able to participate in or continue to participate in a clinical trial.

Cookies and Similar Technologies

Emeritus Research may utilise Google Analytics and small files known as ‘cookies’ to collect non-identifying information on website traffic and visits. When you visit Emeritus Research website, anonymous information such as IP address, time, date, referring url, pages accessed and documents downloaded, type of browser and operating system are recorded. Cookies and technologies with similar functionality (“Data Tools”) may be used to help Emeritus Research provide you with the full range of services it offers, remember your preferences, measure and analyze usage of its services and for security.

Data Tools may also collect and store your personal information. This policy applies to personal information collected via Data Tools. You may be able to adjust your Internet browser to disable Data Tools. If Data Tools are disabled, Emeritus Research may not be able to provide you with the full range of services.

Emeritus Research website may feature links to and from external sites and can interface with social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and others. These 3rd parties and their associated websites have their own privacy policies that operate independently of Emeritus Research. As such, Emeritus Research cannot be held responsible for the content, operations or privacy practices of these organisations, either individually or collectively.

What If There is a Problem or You Want to Update Your Information

If you have a problem, complaint, want to correct or change your personal information or just wish to enquire about privacy, please contact Emeritus Research on:

Postal: Level 2, 1180 Toorak Road, Camberwell VIC 3124

Email: info@emeritusresearch.com
Telephone: +61 3 9509 6166

Alternatively, complete the “Contact Us” link at the bottom of this page.

Emeritus Research would be happy to hear your comments or answer any questions you may have about this Privacy Policy. Please do not hesitate to contact Emeritus Research between 8am and 4pm, Monday to Friday via telephone, email or post at your convenience.

This Policy May Change

This policy may change over time. All changes will be published to our website.